Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Project H.E.R.O.

Long term readers of this blog will know that I never walk out of a film no matter how bad it is. Well, tonight I broke that rule and walked out in the middle of Date Movie. Quite simply, I have too much to do to waste my life watching this rubbish. This film was showing in Screen 1 of my local multiplex and what screen are they showing Seven Swords, also released this week, in? They're not showing it...at all! Grrr....arrgh... Basically, Date Movie is like watching a clip show comprised of bits of all the romantic comedies of the last few years. But...not the best bits of those films...just random bits. With all their humour and charm removed. There's little worse than watching one of your favourite actresses humiliate herself by performing in such excerable pap. I'm not doing a full review because I didn't see the full movie, but from what I saw I'd give it 0/10.

Anyway...on to the real reason for this post. I'm now the official artist for the Project H.E.R.O. one-shot from Visionary Comics Studio (publisher TBC). As such, I thought I'd give my faithful blog readers a sneal peak of the project. Here are my character designs for the three main characters in the book - Xerxes, Gawain and Bruno.

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Anonymous said...

You're doing awesome stuff, and this book is going to be another hit out of the park for Visionary!
Since Ian is plugging this blog on our site...

Come by, you'll be glad you did! Ian, welcome on board!