Tuesday, September 27, 2005

One Man's Obcession With The Intangible

On one hand I'm hearing that there's no actual script for X-Men 3 yet, and on the other they're supposed to be filming it already.

What is certain is that Bryan Singer isn't directing it this time, instead Rush Hour 1 & 2 director Brett Ratner will be directing. I'm not sure if this will be a good or bad thing really. The production has gone through a lot of upheaval, but that's inevitable when you have your dirctor go and walk out on you (to direct Superman! Some people have no taste!). I initially loved both of Singer's X-Men movies, and was particularly pleased when he chose to maintain Magneto's Jewish origins, but I have to confess that his take on my favourite group of mutant super heros has fallen in my estimations over time. For me, they just don't hold up to multiple viewings. Not only this but...and this is not really Singer's fault...I can't help but blame the movies for what happened to the comics. By that I mean the rejection of the traditional costumes, for the bland, black leather, "Who is that?" costumes. There's a reason why super heros wear distinctive, brightly coloyured costumes...so you can easily tell who is who. Suddenly Marvel felt they ahd to target the comic at the audience for the movie...despite the fact that those people don't read comics...they watch movies...

Anyway, that's not really what i wanted this post to be about. Disregarding the merits of either director (and, judging by the Rush Hour movies, we can at least, hopefully, expect a more lighthearted approach to the franchise), what I really wanted to post about is the introduction of a new character to the series - Kitty Pryde.

OK, Kitty has technically appeared in the movies before, but she had a tiny part, this time around she's going to be featured more heavily, and she's going to be played by Ellen Page.

Click on her name and you will see why I'm now looking forward to this movie even with its change of director.

Let's just hope Ratner remembers her Star of David chain, eh?

Welcome to the Cyber Hellfire Club

Hello, good evening and welcome to the Cyber Hellfire Club!

The Cyber Hellfire Club was born many, many years ago in the now largely dead Comics and Anime forums on AOL. It was a community of X-Men fans who posted on AOL's Marvel Comics discussion forums...and more specifically in the PSharman's British Jokes folder.

I thought I'd carry on the torch of the CHC with this blog. I'll be using it to discuss all sorts of things, including comic books, but by no means limited to that subject.

Anyway, that'll do for now...I'll write more...much more...later!

Ian Sharman - The Red King