Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New milestone reached!

Well, just a small post to celebrate the fact that the site has reached 300 hits today! Woohoo! It wasn't very long ago that we reached 200 hits, so the hit rate is definitely accelerating.

To celebrate, here's another pic' from Ultraviolet. The official site for the movie lists the release date as March 3rd, but the BBC's Film 2006 diary lists the release date as June 30th. So, either one is wrong, or, more likely, it's released in the US in March and the UK in June. If that's the case then you have to wonder if Sony Pictures actually care about combatting DVD piracy at all. The fact that we in the UK have to wait for so long for some movies is absurd. I've known some films get an official DVD release in the US before being released in theatre's here. How much of a gift to pirates is that? People, don't buy pirate DVDs, they're rubbish! Studios, stop making UK film lovers wait for months and months longer than our friends in the US!


Anonymous said...


Oh wow. Kat here. I was actually looking for something else and saw "Cyber Hellfire Club" and look!

I was just telling someone today - You know... years ago, I was the Black Queen and I could have just ordered people to go look this stuff up for me...


Anonymous said...

I live at these days.

IanDSharman said...


Black Queen in da' house!!!!!!!!!!!