Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Serious Moment

I'm sorry to interrupt the fun with such a serious post, and it's always been my intention to keep things generally lighthearted here, but 9-11 was truly the defining moment of our generation. There can be no doubt that the world has been a darker and more dangerous place since the collapse of the Twin Towers and as such I feel it's imperative that we know what truly happened on that day.

To that end I'm posting this link:

BYU's Dr Steven Jones Blows The Roof Off A Utah Auditorium

It clearly sets out some of the major flaws with the official story, and, more importantly, these are not the ravings of some conspiracy nut, but the considered opinion of a physics professor. This is a man who knows what is and is not physically possible and should not be ignored. These are the facts.

Thank you for your time, normal service will resume shortly...


Derek Hartley said...

Wow. That really does seem to make a lot of sense. I had wondered how cleanly the buldings collapsed. I wish the article had provided links to the video clips mentioned in the text to see for myself the explosions Jones refers to. I have to agree with the latter half also. It's hard to pull things like this out of the mire of conspiracy theory rubbish that exists around any major event.

IanDSharman said...

The footage is all fairly readily available online.

I'd recommend checking out the likes of Conspiracy Archive (in the links section) or Alex Jones' sites, www.infowars.com and www.prisonplanet.com