Saturday, April 22, 2006

Vote for ME!

Of Bitter Souls and Smoke & Mirror creator, Chuck Satterlee, is currently running some polls on the Markosia forum to see which pin ups and covers from his books are people's favourites. Which means that all you lovely people actually have a chance to vote for my colouring! Yay!

First off, you can vote for pin-ups from Of Bitter Souls here. I coloured the pin-ups by Scott Beaderstadt, G. Gerald Garcia and Kevin Breyfogle (right). To be honest, I think the Dave Murdoch pin-up is probably the best, but don't let that stop you from voting for the ones I've worked on! At the time of writing, the Kevin Breyfogle pin-up is topping the poll, which is cool!

You can also click here to vote for your favourite cover from volume two of Smoke & Mirror. My contribution here was in the form of colours on the Norm Breyfogle cover for #2. Again, that's currently topping the poll, but I somehow doubt that my colours have much to do with that!

While you're there please check out the other polls that Chuck is running and vote for your favourites.

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