Friday, April 21, 2006

Movie Reviews: Scary Movie 4 and Ice Age 2

Wow, the hits are really racking up...looks like we'llsoon be celebrating another milestone. There's a new link on the right, to my Artzone Profile. Artzone seems to be Daz's answer to Myspace, with an emphasis on 3D art. It's in open Beta mode at the moment, and membership is by invitation only, so I don't know if non-members can even view my profile. If you're intersted in joining, I've got seven invites left to send out, so drop me a line and I'll send you an invitation to join.

Okay, just two short reviews as the Easter weekend saw as catching two so-so sequels.

Scary Movie 4

The scary movie series holds a strange place in mine and my wife's hearts. She was working at a local cinema when Scary Movie 2 was doing the rounds, so she saw that film about a hundred times. The first film was good, the second was fairly bad, and the third was probably the best so far.

The fourth film doesn't plumb the depths of the second one, but it's also hardly essential viewing. It is funny though, and entertaining, but I wouldn't recommend paying to see it. It focuses its lampooning on four recent hits, Saw, The Grudge, The Village and War of the Worlds. Now, I've only seen the last two but it really didn't spoil my enjoyment of the film (it's been fairly hard to avoid seeing enough of the other two to get the jokes). Of course, the film scores points for taking the mick out of Tom Cruise, although they avoid sending up his obcession with Scientology, which is a shame.

Anna Faris is as cute as ever as Cindy Campbell, and the usual supporting characters return much the same as they did in the last film. The director obviously felt it was enough of a coup to get James Earl Jones to do the voice over that they feel the need to bring him onscreen at the end of the movie as if to say, yes, it really is him!

In general, an ok movie, worth seeing when it comes on TV.

Rating: 6/10

Ice Age 2

The first Ice Age was a surprise hit, with it's witty script, perfect voice acting and stylish CG visuals. My kids loved the original and my eldest has been desperate to see the second film since he started spotting posters all over the place.

All the elements that made the first film so geat are back, with one crucial omission - a plot. The first film hung together so well because the plot , three animals with nothing in common trying to return a lost human baby to his parents, provided such a great spine to hang all the amusing comic capers onto. The plot of this film is far simpler - the valley is going to flood so they have to leave before it does - and it suffers because of it. It seems that rather than coming up with a great idea for a second film, the creators came up with a string of amusing situations for our heroes, and then came up with a story to string them all together.

That said, if you ignore the wafer thin plot, the movie is extremely funny at times, with Scrat getting most of the best laughs this time round, as he continues his quest to get that darn acorn. pre-school kids (like mine) will LOVE it, and our enjoyment of the film was only spoiled by a pooing incident involving the yougest.

Definitely worth watching, but, again, not necessarily worth paying to see (unless you have small kids).

Rating: 6/10

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