Saturday, April 01, 2006

Stand up! Stand up!

At last, some action! Page 4 sees the Young Gods get their first taste of conflict as they take on some nasty spider-bots!

Sadly, progress has been slowed a bit as I'm battling with a virus, and I also now have a ton of colouring work to do. I've just started work on colouring Smoke & Mirror #5 and it looks like I'll also be colouring another book from Markosia.

Today's big news is that my art's been featured in an interview with Visionary boss, Chuck Sellner, on Comicon's The Pulse.

It's a great interview, go check it out. It's a little sad that some idiot felt the need to respond to it with a mean spirited and childish post, but, hey, that's the internet for you.

Hopefully I'll have the completed page 4 done very soon...hopefully I can shake this virus off soon too.

In the mean time, enjoy these pics and enjoy the interview!

1 comment:

Derek Hartley said...

Love the images. Both poses are really dynamic. I especially love how the second panel is EXACTLY how I pictured it when I wrote the page. Great stuff!