Monday, April 17, 2006

A Kiss....?

Well, this cover probably doesn't belong on #1 as the actual scene doesn't happen 'till much later in the series, but I thought it would make a great cover so, what the hey!

My reasoning was more that it shows a kind of scene that isn't in the five preview's a more intimate, gentle moment. I have left it deliberately slightly ambiguous though. Are they about to kiss? Or is he about to throttle her? Heh...

Also, Derek thought that Paladin's pose on the original cover was slightly off, and I had to agree with him, so I've redone that too. It's good to read on Derek's blog that he's starting to get some relevant hits through Google. The CHC is starting to show up on Google seraches for comics done with Poser, which
is cool (and, of course, the Skander Keynes fans keep flooding in). I also got a hit the other day from someone searching Google for "Chuck Sellner" - Creative Director at Visionary Comics, and there's a fairly steady flow of people searching for the Hellfire Club.

So, there's very little left to do before the search for a publisher begins. I now have the nerve wracking job of putting the submission package together, which is never fun. I'm always worried that it's too long, or it's too short, or I've said the wrong things.

On an unrelated note - I think I've been watching too much Power Rangers with my kids. I've actually found myself thinking about setting up a "Rate My Ranger" site where people could vote on which is the best looking Pink Ranger. The really sad thing is that I've also found myself thinking that Kat Manx from Power Rangers S.P.D. is cuter than any of the Pink Rangers - and she's a cat woman. I worry about myself, I really do....

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