Monday, May 15, 2006

What I learned in Bristol:

What I learned in Bristol:

Pete can't physically eat.

Tony Lee climbed a tree.

Everybody hates 2000AD.

Richard Emms and Harry Markos are both great blokes.

Don't mess with Cher.

Derek doesn't know what Alan Davis looks like.

Dave Gibbons did not win an award.

Manga people are lovely.

Emma Viecili is...very talented.

An interesting new use for midichlorians.

Hypotheticals + a grumpy Titan editor + beer + more beer + a DC writer = comedy gold.

Howard Chaykin and Mark Hamill were seperated at birth.

It's a bad idea to spend two hours wandering around Bristol looking for a chip shop when Harry Markos is looking for you so he can invite you to sit at the Markosia table for the Eagle Awards dinner.

Axel Alonso is unlikely to ever receive his Eagle award - last seen sellotaped to the top of Tony Lee's top hat.

Elvis is a zombie viking.

Brokeback Jedi - 'nuff said.

Harry didn't know I was colouring Smoke & Mirror!

Kev F has the best hair in comics, and children and large hairy men are drawn to him.

Did I just avoid writing a lengthy review of the convention by reeling off a string of in-jokes?

I think I probably did....


Cher2a said...

Lolz!!! "Don't mess with Cher"? I'm not THAT dangerous... Much ;-)
You sound like you had lots of fun! Shame I missed most of it. Next time I shall stalk the fun people, I think :-p

Derek Hartley said...
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Derek Hartley said...

'Derek doesn't know who Alan Davis is'

I do now! Just, y'know, don't expect to ever work with him...

And 'very talented' is a new euphemism on me... You could even say 'well read'...

IanDSharman said...

Well, hopefully I'll be manning a Visionary booth next year, so there should be even more opportunites for drunken lunacy.

budgie said...

Glad you enjoyed Hypotheticals...

All the best,


IanDSharman said...

I can think of now ay to say how cool it is that Budgie just posted on my site without sounding like a total geek. But, hey....I embrace my geekdom!