Monday, May 22, 2006

General Blather....

Well, first and foremost, while I'm both stunned and amazed that Tony Lee (Midnight Kiss, Starship Troopers, Doctor Who and...a back up story in Amazing Fantasy...) can remember anything from the Bristol Comic Expo, his account of the proceedings makes good reading and can be found here. Mind you, why he felt the need to post my expenses for the weekend as part of his review, I'll never know...

In other news, I saw The DaVinci Code last night. Hmmm...I must say I don't really understand why Tom Hanks is getting so much flack about it, his performance is pretty good. It doesn't rank up there with Castaway and Philadelphia, but it's certainly not bad. The film as a whole is a fairly accurate adaptation of the book, although the conclusion in Roslin Chapel trades the novel's subtle ambiguities for a typical Hollywood sledgehammer. It seems that the movie going public need things spelled out to them in words of two syllables or less. That said, I wasn't exactly blown away by the book, and I really don't understand why it's been so popular. Likewise with the film, it's ok, but nothing really special.

On to this week's real big movie event! X-Men 3! My local multiplex (for which I have an unlimited pass) has recently started doing midnight screenings for big new movies, so I'll be heading over there late on Wednesday night when sensible people will be tucked up in their beds to see the latest screen version of the comic book that I once counted myself as being one of the biggest fans of. If I'm not too tired I'll try to get online before I turn in and post up a quick review. Oh, and, of course, the pic' is Kitty Pryde, who else?

The hit rate for the site has settled back down to normal after last week's post-Bristol flurry of hits and now we have the steady build towards the 1000 hit mark. I'll have to come up with something special to post to mark that moment, if you have any suggestions for that, please email me!

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