Thursday, May 25, 2006

1st Weekly Caption Competition!

In an effort to make this blog a bit more interactive, I thought I'd introduce a weekly caption competition. To enter, just click the "comment" link below. Assuming anyone actually posts a caption, I'll pick a winner next week when I'll also post a new pic'.


Paul Ridgon said...

Logan: 'I swear 'Roro, Cyke's gonna be PISSED when he finds out she used to be a guy...' (Nip/Tuck reference...)

Mike Kingston said...

What d'ya say Ro? Wanna find out if she's a REAL redhead?

Derek Hartley said...

I had to look up why you kept calling Storm Ro, damn you.

Oh, and

Logan: Look, she can act better than you and she's unconcious!

Joseph Button said...

"If we leave her here, we get more airtime."