Monday, March 27, 2006

Stan Lee's Silver Messiah

Well, I'm taking a break from working on Project HERO so I thought I'd work on some pic's of Marvel characters (before I switch to concentrating on the Young Gods for the rest of the week!).

I guess this was an obvious choice, but what Marvel character is going to look better rendered in CG than the Silver Surfer? To get a bit of a different, alien, perhaps god-like feel to him I decided to use Daz's David figure, as opposed to Michael. I already had the base figure and the head and body morphs were on sale so it didn't cost too much. The main tweak I made was lengthening the arms, legs and neck to further enhance the alien, god-like nature of the character. The texture was courtesy of, who have a rather useful Silver Surfer texture for free. The texture comes with a surf board prop, but I didn't like it and a quick search of Renderosity's free items turned up this much better example. It was just a matter of extracting the texture settings for the Silver Surfer and applying them to the board.

The star-field background was created in Photoshop. A quick Google search turned up a great tutorial which has enabled me to achieve quite a cool background. The background and the Surfer were then composited in Photoshop, with a few layer effects added to give the image some added zing. Lastly a simple lens flare was added to the top of the surf board as a finishing touch.

I've also started working on a Wolverine picture, but I've not had time to finish that tonight. It's pretty much done, so it should just be a matter of rendering it tomorrow night before moving on to working on The Young Gods.

I also have another pin-up to colour for Of Bitter Souls and....ta da....I've also agreed to colour the whole of #5 of Smoke & Mirror! This is a huge opportunity for me and I'm really enjoying colouring. I'll keep you posted as things progress in that area.

But...hey...just look at that Silver Surfer pic...

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