Thursday, March 09, 2006

Movie Review: The Weatherman

Between submitting The Young Gods to Visionary, working on Project H.E.R.O. and the million and one other things going on in my life I haven't found five minutes to update the blog this week. I did find time to see The Weatherman last night, though.

I wanted to see Mirrormask but none of my local cinemas seem to be showing it which is seriously annoying.

The Weatherman starts slow, is slow in the middle, and at the end, maintains the pace with more slowness. Don't let that put you off too much though, because your patience will be rewarded with a very moving story and some excellent performances by some of the worlds finest actors (like, Michael Caine).

This is, in many ways, the male equivalent of a chick flick. By that, I mean, it ticks all the right boxes to get guys to openly weep into their popcorn. Basically, if you have a dad, and most of us do, this movie can't really fail to touch you. Well, assuming you're a normal bloke who find's it almost impossible to communicate to your dad exactly how you feel about him, how much he really means to you, and how much you feel like you've completely failed to live up to his expectations.

There's a lot more going on in this film, as we follow the main character's journey to accepting that he is who he is. The cast are excellent, the direction very sensitive.'s slow...and if you like explosions or belly laughs from your cinema, and not a lot else, you're going to hate it.

So, not recommended to everyone, but definitely recommended.

Rating: 8/10

PS: Hopefully I'll be posting some more artwork later!

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