Tuesday, March 21, 2006

500 hits!

This little old blog has finally reached the 500 hit mark. Thanks to all the regular and not-so-regular readers, from the UK, the US, Norway, Spain and many other places, who've helped me rack up the numbers. I guess this is where I stop celebrating every hundred hits, the next milestone being 750, and then 1000!

I'm reliably informed that the official Magneto biography on marvel.com now includes a link to the Magneto FAQ hosted on the CHC Forum. That section of the site has seen a large increase in traffic as a result and over the next few weeks I intend to revamp the CHC Forum to bring it more in line with the contents of the blog. It would be nice if some of the regular blog readers started posting in the forum so we could start to create our own little community.

As for the pic' that accompanies this post....well...I did say I was expecting to have to make some changes to pages 4-5 of Project HERO. You should soon be able to check out the Gallery section of the Supreme Knight website for a permanent showcase of my work.

I'd like to say a big, public "Cheers!" to everyone who's said nice things about my colouring on the Of Bitter Souls pin-up. I'm currently working on the colours for another pin-up for Of Bitter Souls, which I should complete tomorrow.

Assuming there are no more changes to pages 4-5 of Project HERO, I'm determined to get some work done on page 4 of The Young Gods. I need to download a new model for the drones (robot sentries that the team take on in their first battle), but other than that it should be a fairly straightforward page.

That's all for now, if I get the time I'll be posting my review of The Pink Panther tomorrow (here's a tip, if the choice is seeing V For Vendetta or The Pink Panther, don't tell your wife that you really don't mind what you see...).


Derek Hartley said...


The revised pages for H.E.R.O look great. Not sure you'll appreciate this but the top right panel is definitely better. The original panel had the villagers in an identical (or at least identical loooking) pose to the larger panel at the bottom.
Congrats on the OBS work. The zombie picture kicks ass. I see what you mean about going for the old school zombie effect with the colours.
You probably can't tell, but the 500th post was PROBABLY me :D
Looking forward to page 4 of Young Gods. Bristol ain't that far away...

IanDSharman said...

I could tell, and the 500th hit was, indeed, Derek. Thanks, dude.

Glad you like the colour work, there could be a major announcement involving my colouring coming very soon.