Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Young Gods - Art Team!

First up, apologies for taking a few days to post this, but it's been quite a weekend, really...

So, first things first, I want to publicly announce... proclaim... shout from the mountain tops... that the Young Gods now boasts a couple of the hottest new artists working in comics amongst the motley crew of creators responsible for transferring my addled delusions onto the printed page.

First up, and pencilling the up-coming six page preview story, is Vinnie Tartamella. Check out Vinnie's take on everyone's favourite Canadian mutant at the top of this post (you can see more by visiting the "Services" section of the Visionary website, and then clicking the "Pencillers" link...or by clicking here). I'm really looking forward to seeing his take on The Young Gods. Vinnie worked as a lead designer for McFarlane for a year, and has also designed toys for ToyBiz and Diamond Select.

Next up is our highly talented cover artist, Melanie Espinola. She lives in Toronto, Canada, and produces her breathtaking pictures in Corel's Painter. I'd bet money on Melanie being a huge star one day, and I wouldn't be surprised to find people buying comics just to collect her artwork. She also owns a cat hat and believes that there were female Smurfs other than Smurfette that we never saw.

My only regret is that we won't be needing a cover for the six pager, so I'm going to have to wait for the one-shot to see her version of the team.

Rounding out the team for six page story will be Paul Brian DeBerry, who'll be handling the lettering.

The script is now complete and has now entered the review process at Visionary. Once that's complete we'll be passing it on to Vinnie and we can start the ball rolling!

We're aiming to get the six pages pencilled, inked and coloured by the 18th July...which gives us twenty days!

Well, I'm sure there's other news, but it's late and I really ought to get some sleep....

EDIT - Oh yes, one more thing, thanks to a link posted on Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin site, we topped 100 hits in a single day on Monday!

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