Thursday, August 03, 2006

Midnight Run and more....

You know, as I don't have nearly enough work to do....I'm now inking and colouring the Midnight Run short for the Visionary/Markosia thing. The nice thing about this is that unlike many projects, where I'ma sked to do them and then wait for weeks to get the pages, the pencils were ready and waiting when I jumped on board, so I've been able to get right onto them.

Handily I'd just ordered some new Windsor & Newton Series 7 No 2's (brushes...) in anticipation of inking Mamluk, and they arrived yesterday. It feels great to be inking again, and the Midnight Run pencils are really good.

In other news, Vinnie has had to quit The Young Gods due to health problems, which leaves me in despeate need of a penciller as the strip is already running a month late. I have a few irons in the fire, but I'm open to offers if anyone can pick this up right away!

Well, just a quick one today...hopefully I'll have some pictures next time!

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