Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Elephants From Norway Go Mad In Winter

"Oh, good grief!" Will probably be the response of the few people out there who know what this is.

To be as brief as possible, when I was eighteen I decided to write a book. The surprise was that I actually finished it. With a cast including Mad Elephants, Angels, Demons, Nuns and Militant Kumquats, it is, at times, a little odd.

While it's far from being the best writing in the world it is, at least, genuinely funny at times (well, I think it is...).

What it definitely is, is ten years old, and so there are numerous pop-culture and sporting references that are seriously out of date.
I guess I'm making it accessible here because it is, after all, a piece of me. Hopefully some people will read it and it'll make them laugh. I really don't expect anything more of it than that.

So, without further ado, here it is, a novel, by Ian Sharman: Elephants From Norway Go Mad In Winter

Note: It's probably best if you save the file to your hard drive and then open it, rather than opening it in your browser, as the text doesn't wrap in the browser window which makes it almost impossible to read.

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