Friday, April 09, 2010

The Eagle Awards

So, after their lamentable absence last year, it would seem that The Eagle Awards are back! For those of you who don't know, The Eagle Awards are the British comic book awards, which have been running (off and on) since 1976 (that's the year I was born, people!).

They have, lately, been the subject of some controversy, but let's not get into that here, the important thing is that awards are shiny, and if there's one thing that people like, it's shiny things!

Now, for the moment, they're just in the first round of nominations. This is the point where you, the comic loving public, can nominate anyone and anything in the 30+ different categories, those people/comics/whatever getting the most votes will then go through to the second round, gaining an official nomination. For the moment, in this first round, you can either write in your own nominations, or choose from a drop down list of people/comics/whatever that have already been nominated in that category. You are not limited to only nominating from the drop down list though.

Anyway, awards, woohoo!

I've already voted, as have lots of people it would seem...please, go vote, and vote for whoever you want to!

It's nice to see that people have already voted for Orang Utan Comics personnel and publications in eight categories though... I've already had votes for Favourite Newcomer Writer, Favourite Letterer and Favourite Editor. Azim Akberali (OUC's longest serving artist) shows up in the Favourite Artist: Fully Painted Artwork category (an award he received a proper nomination for in 2008, the last time the awards were held). Peter Rogers pops up in the Favourite Writer category. FTL has received votes in two categories, Favourite Cover Published During 2009 (for John Charles' fantastic cover to FTL #1) and Favourite British Black and White Comicbook. Alpha Gods shows up in the list for Favourite Graphic Novel Published During 2009 and Favourite British Colour Comicbook; and Orang Utan Comics shows up in Favourite Publisher.

I doubt we'll win anything, but it would be nice to see us get through to the second round in some of these categories.

So, go vote, have fun, vote for who you want to vote for...but if you like what Orang Utan Comics did during 2009 then it would be awesome if you'd vote for us and our comics!

To vote, visit The Eagle Awards site here.

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