Thursday, January 08, 2009

Marvel Heroes #4 and Motivation

For those of you that haven't looked at the latest additions to my deviantArt - Marvel Heroes #4 is OUT NOW across the UK.

It features a seven page Iron Man story penciled by the awesome Neil Edwards and inked by yours truly.

It's only £2.50 and you get a free Hawkeye bow and arrow set with it! Woohoo! Go buy it now! Oh...and don't forget to check out the uncoloured inks which I've posted on my deviantArt and let me know what you think.

In other's that Elephant Words time of the week again (I know, it seems like only a week since the last one...).

I went for something a little different this week, mainly due to the fact that I am working like a mad man right now on a seven page Spider-Man story for a future issue of Marvel Heroes.

Chech it out here -

And this week's picture is here -

"Elephant Words are the ways in which we describe or interpret the same thing in different ways.

Elephant Words is a burst-culture website, featuring daily flash-fiction.
Each Sunday, an image is posted.
Over the following week, each of six authors takes their turn to write something inspired by that image. "

I've just agreed to stay on for another six weeks of Elephant Words!

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