Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Future's Bright...

...the Future's Orang Utan!

I thought it was probably a good time for another update on everything that I'm working on at the moment. However, rather than just talk about what's currently in production I'm also going to share a little about one or two projects that are in the very early stages of development at the moment.

First off though, I want to draw your attention to a very talented artist, Pat Carlucci, who will hopefully be producing a pin-up or a cover for Orang Utan at the very least (and, if I get my way, much, much more).

Eleventh Hour 1 is nearing completion, with a mere five pages of inking needing to be done before all the artwork is complete. Much of the lettering has already been done as well. That leaves us just waiting on the highly talented Franke to complete the cover and we're ready to go to print. Now, those of you who've been following the development of Eleventh Hour may be aware that we were intending to use comixpress to print our comics. You may also be aware that comixpress have, for the time being, stopped taking orders due to technical difficulties. However, what could have become a real headache for us has actually been a blessing in disguise, as it's led us to Ka-Blam who seem to offer a far better service than comixpress anyway. Plus, Ka-Blam no longer charge set-up fees, which opens up a whole world of possibilities for us in the area of variant covers! So, hopefully, Eleventh Hour 1 should be available to order online in the next few weeks, and then we'll be officially launching the book at the Bristol Expo in May.

Not a huge amount of news on the Young Gods front, other than that we've droped the "The" from the title. I should be receiving some artwork from Alessio in the next few days and I'll be sharing some of that as soon as I have it.

Paul Ridgon reports that the new character designs for Slam Ridley are done, and he's completed the layouts for the first couple of pages of the script. So, once again, i should have some artwork to post in a few days.

Now for a quick look at some things a bit further down the line:

Hero: 9-5
Hero: 9-5 is a humorous look at a world where being a super hero is just another nine to five job that pays the bills. It's hard to save the world when your live-in girlfriend is also your arch-enemy, and she's jealous of your cute, young sidekick. Following the adventures of Flame-O, an employee of Heroes for Zeros, as he dreams of working for the world's premier super hero agency, POW! This series includes a colourful supporting cast, including Flame-O's sidekick Pink Girl (who has...pink powers...you know...power over...uh...pink), his girlfriend/arch-nemesis Frostica, and fellow Heroes for Zeros employees - The Rocket, Thunder Woman , The Loner and his sidekick Budgie.

Shine was my first ever attempt at making a comic. I originally produced three issues of Shine, which was written, pencilled, inked and lettered by me, and when I get around to scanning them all in, I'll put those old issues (done when I was about 18-19) up on comicspace. Ultimately I want to completely rewrite this and find someone with some actual artistic skills to draw it. It's probably a wee way off, but it's something I've wanted to return to for a long time.

Elephants From Norway Go Mad In Winter
I wrote this short novel about ten years ago. Some of you poor, unfortunate souls have actually read it. It's available in four parts on my deviantArt. It's my intention, after the encouragement of several friends, to adapt this into a comic book. So...um...anyone know someone who's good at drawing elephants?

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