Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Shine...Shine Like A Star!

It's a strange day today. My left ear is completely blocked and it feels like my head is in a goldfish bowl. Not that anyone out there really needs to know about my problem with excess earwax. Not that anyone out there is actually reading this.
I find it so hard to get motivated. I know I should really get working on Young Gods #2, or maybe sort out #1 so that I can try and sell it as an e-comic on eBay. I'm currently waiting to hear back from publishers regarding #1...I hate waiting for rejection.
I guess I should also continue working on Shine too, my other comic book project. Shine's been in the making since I was eighteen...that's over ten years! Basically Shine is just your average schoolgirl/superhero/intergalactic adventurer. She's the girl in the picture, the guy with her is Captain Jack (he'll get you high tonight!). Whereas The Young Gods is closely plotted and planned, Shine allows me to just be spontaneously creative. It'll just go off at odd tangents and be fairly free-form. Of course, that's going to make it harder to pitch to publishers, so I'm either going to have to produce something like six months worth of complete comics before submitting it or I'm going to have to keep it until after something else gets published.
With #1 of the Young Gods now complete, and the first six issues fairly tightly plotted, I'm wondering what to do with the concept if no-one wants to publish it (by the way, the pic' that I use for my profile is of Outrage, a character from the Young Gods). Do I just carry on and try to distribute the book myself...most likely in electronic form, or do I give up on it and try something else? Visually, I'm a lot happier with the work I've done on Shine, but I'm really pleased with the writing on the Young Gods...I actually surprised myself when I finished writing #1. I thought that it was going to be "just a bit of fun"...a fairly light hearted sci-fi/superhero romp...but I discovered while writing it that I actually had something to say. Hopefully someday you'll get to read it...hopefully someday someone might actually read this!
Well, I'll leave it here for tonight. I've just got done reading Marvel's (relatively) recent six-part Origin...which finally spills the beans on exactly where Logan came from...or does it? I'm still piecing together my opinions on the series but I'll probably post some thoughts tomorrow.
'Till then, this is me saying, "Sorry? What?"

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