Sunday, December 10, 2006

Film Review - The Holiday

While other members of the Royal Family are enjoying the wonders of Brumcon it falls to me to keep things moving on here. And seeing as I went to see "The Holiday" yesterday I thought I'd review it here.

If the opening titles to "The Holiday" were removed, most people would assume this romantic comedy was written by English stalwart Richard Curtis. Writer/Director Nancy Meyers (What Women Wants, Something's gotta give) does seem to be borrowing heavily from Notting Hill and Love Actually, especially for the scenes based in the UK. What lifts this above the average romantic comedy is the performances and the casting. Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet swaps homes for Christmas, leaving the quintissentially English Winslet (she would have made a perfect Bridget Jones) and the very L.A Diaz as two heartbroken fish out of water. Jude Law and Jack Black (playing a musician yet again) are the men who take the respective women under their wing, and it is clear from the onset where the story is going. The supporting cast is exemplary too with Eli Wallach stealing all his scenes and Ed Burn and Rufus Sewell making the most of pretty small parts. Where Curtis tends to have world poverty, politics, or social commentary as his secondary story Meyers instead explores the changes in Hollywood. There are some unexpected turns along the way, some relatively funny moments, a few tearjerking scenes and some very sharply written dialogue which makes it far better than the average rom com. The only drawback, much like Curtis' own work, is that everyone looks perfect, they all have highly paid media jobs and England is portrayed as something from the top of a fudge box. This gives a story with a heart an uneccessary sheen that makes it a little too pristine. All this considered, if you like Richard Curtis' films then you will love this too.


Pete - Black King.

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