Sunday, December 17, 2006

DVD Review - My Super Ex-Girlfriend

The idea behind this movie had me intrigued, what would it be like to try and break up with someone with super powers? Sadly the finished film is a major let down. Rather than starting at the point of the break up the movie takes you from the meeting all the way to the split. This makes it a long, drawn out process that really does not work. The main problem with My Super Ex-Girlfriend is that it doesn't know what kind of film it really wants to be. Is it a superhero movie, a rom com, a sex comedy? In the end it is a melting pot of various influences that combine to make a mess of a movie. Luke Wilson does ok in a thankless lead role, and Uma Thurman looks the part but is essentially a neurotic female Clark Kent that you can't connect to. The best performances are from the support, and both Eddie Izzard and Anna Faris come out of it with their reputations in tact. Director Ivan Reitman should really know better. File this one with that other Uma Thurman movie where Eddie Izzard made an appearance "The Avengers". An interesting idea is let down in the execution, a film with no direction and with no idea who is supposed to like it. A comedy that makes you cringe rather than laugh, this really was a missed opportunity. 2/10

Pete (Black King.)

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