Sunday, December 17, 2006

Comics Review - Festive Punishment

Punisher Xmas Special one shot (Marvel)- Wolverine #41 writer Stuart Moore and artist C.P Smith are reunited for this bumper festive one shot. Personally I love one-shots, especially as a sporadic comic buyer, a creator and someone who is not a slave to continuity. At first the central conceit behind this book felt rather contrived. The prospect of Frank Castle making a naughty and nice list at Christmas did not ring true for me and it made the book lose credibility. But as the book continued, with it's moody artwork, taut scripting and exceptional colouring I found myself being really drawn in. This is the kind of one off book that stays with you after you have read it, the story really grips you and you feel like you are living every moment with Frank. It is also a textbook example of pacing as Moore and Smith manage to slow the book down without losing any of the drama. One of the best comics I've read this year, highly recommended.


Pete (Black King)

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